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There are many people who have been diagnosed with a pituitary disorder and face a lifetime of struggle with the physical, social, family, mental and financial consequences associated with it. There are also an unknown number of people who don’t know that what they are suffering from is a pituitary disorder. On top of these challenges, pituitary patients often struggle to manage their illness in a complex and confusing healthcare system. 

Our goals include taking steps to educate patients, healthcare professionals and the public about pituitary disorders. We strive to provide social connections and sharing opportunities because they can make a crucial difference in the lives of patients and their caregivers. We need your financial help to this. We rely on volunteers to provide governance and conduct operations. Financial support is used to pay for our minimal operating expenses and to support our education initiatives and other goals. 

Donations can be made online through PayPal, We also accept Interact e-transfer, and Cheques. Your financial support will help pituitary patients live fulfilling lives.

Thank You

Kwesi Yorke


Alberta Pituitary Patients Society

Alberta Pituitary Patient Foundation - National Charity
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Alberta Pituitary Patient Society

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